"The Eternal Search" combines three different eras (Royal Indian Era, Present Time and Post Apocalyptic World) and highlights a mystic connection that runs through these varied periods. We see a single female character- elegant, feminine and embossed with a clear stamp of the said era- lingering through life, hovering over the questions of living and walking out triumphantly with the secret of life.

The lead of the film is Bollywood Actress Hrishitaa Bhatt, who has acted in films like Ashoka, Sharat, Haasil, Dil Vil Pyar Vyar and others. Hrishitaa has played a part of an Indian Princess, a college girl and a lone survivor in three different eras. The film will be released online on "Keep Rolling Films" in early 2016.

It's a timeless short running through eras...



An Atiksh Entertainment Pvt Ltd Presentation | Producer - Shilpa Sharma | Director - Ajitesh Sharma | Actress - Hrishitaa Bhatt | Creative Director - Johnny Baweja | Director of Photography - Ashish Reuben | Music Director - Udit Prakash | Editor - Johnny Baweja | Writer - Sushant Sudhakaran | Hair & Makeup - Anannya Chawla | Pre & Production - Atiksh Entertainment Pvt Ltd | Post Production - Let's Ring the Bell Productions | VFX & Publicity Design - Baboon Design Studios | Publicity Partner - Picture N Kraft | Media Partner - Keep Rolling Films | Team at Atiksh Entertainment - Animesh Sharma, Vipin Barve, Akshit Sharma, Dhirendra Rawat, Piru Parmar, Balkrishna Suryavanshi, Lokendra Singh, Umesh Patil, Jay Prakash, Arjun | Team at Let's Ring the Bell Productions - Arvind Singh, Krishna Shrivastava | Team at Baboon Design Studios - Vaibhav Singodia, Naman Dave, Mukesh Nagar, Rukmani Rathore