Elemental Collection is the Indian Ethnic Fusion Collection by Indian Fashion Designer Shilpa Sharma for brand Squacle. She is a recipient of prestigious A-Design Awards Italy, International Design Awards and Muse Design Awards for her designs.

Elemental is the fashion film on her collection, which is inspired by five elements of Indian Mythology: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind & Ether; Each element has its own significance and characteristics, such as color and mood. These characteristics are displayed in the collection designs. Color wise, the Earth is represented by Green and Brown, the Fire by Red, the Water by Blue, the Wind by White and the Ether by Gold.

The film is about life journey of a little girl transforming to a modern woman to an old lady as she explores her world through various life elements: wind, earth, water, fire and ether.

The film has fetched 12 International Fashion Film Festival Selections including 3 Awards & 1 Nominations in 7 Countries

Laura Dern
Jacob Grand
Patricija Waters, Lilly Gereben, Alwin Botwright, Kale Torosyan, Marina Coelho, Gerold Gaspari