A young photographer takes up his usual just another day job and come to know that all is not what it seems. From pirates in Kerala to terrorists in Assam, a mysterious girl has aided him. He can resist his temptations against her beauty but not her mystery. He comes to know about an ancient secret buried from ages; now he has to leave his past and doubts behind and join hands with her to start a search for the ultimate.


SWEN was the first co-production, first feature film, of Atiksh Entertainment in association with Let’s Ring the Bell Productions. SWEN was abbreviation of South, West, East, North and true to its name was shot at the majestic locales of India, Laddakh (Kashmir), Bhuj (Gujarat), Kochi (Kerala), and Mumbai with an international cast and crew of Spanish DOP, British Actress, American Composer, and French Colourist. SWEN was featured at 9 international film festivals in 6 countries and won 3 awards.

Laura Dern
Jacob Grand
Patricija Waters, Lilly Gereben, Alwin Botwright, Kale Torosyan, Marina Coelho, Gerold Gaspari