The Chernobyl Saga – Irish Butter Case of India

The Chernobyl Saga – Irish Butter Case of India (IBC) is a documentary about a legal case filed in India. The interesting part is that this Case was connected to the Nuclear Incident at Chernobyland butter from Ireland, both miles away from India.

The story starts in Russia where the Indian Narrator is planning to visit the Chernobyl Site to seek the origin of the case. As the documentary progress forwards, we see an emotional journey to Chernobyl, but not without some twists and turns. Later narrator explains the scenario in India during the case using Historical Reconstruction of the events. Finally, we meet a person who was at the fulcrum of actual events during the case and we are further enlightened on the scientific and social aspects of the case.

IBC is a documentary which breaks all genre stereotypes, by using various techniques of travelogue, narration, reconstruction and personal interaction. It tells us something not many people knew before watching it.

IBC has fetched 48 International Film Festival Selections including 10 Awards &12 Nominations in 20 countries. The Satellite Premiere of the film was on Shorts TV Channel.

The film was shot at India, Russia and Ukraine.

Laura Dern
Jacob Grand
Patricija Waters, Lilly Gereben, Alwin Botwright, Kale Torosyan, Marina Coelho, Gerold Gaspari