Ek Dua

‘Ek Dua’ was an Indian Narrative Music Video directed by Ajitesh Sharma, shot with multinational cast and crew in Portugal, France, Spain, Russia, Turkey & UAE, and sung by Bollywood Singer Javed Ali. The song would be later remixed in 2018.The idea was to have a Fusion Song which evokes emotion of love, pain and most importantly show the journey of a character as she internally transforms. The idea was also to have a quality video in international setting, collaborating with international cast and crew


The music video was exclusively premiered on ‘Keep Rolling Films’, launching the YouTube Channel of the company. Apart from getting the love of people on YouTube, it was also officially selected at 4 International Film Festivals & Music Festivals.

Laura Dern
Jacob Grand
Patricija Waters, Lilly Gereben, Alwin Botwright, Kale Torosyan, Marina Coelho, Gerold Gaspari